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After the initial storm the wind in our global sails seems to have dropped away as we enter a period of uncertainty as to how rapidly the economy will recover.

We continue to think that central bank backstops make a re-run of the March panic in financial markets unlikely, a key assumption underpinning our view that “risky” assets will recover further ground in the second half of 2020.

If social distancing were practised for many years, either because it was enforced by governments or fears of future waves of the virus prompted people to implement it anyway, then most of the recent changes to the way we spend, socialise and work will probably be in place for many years too. But if the virus and social distancing fade out, then most of the behavioural changes that require people to stay one or two metres apart will be reversed quickly. Right now it may feel like that old world has disappeared forever. But the historical evidence suggests that after previous significant events, such as pandemics, plagues and terrorist attacks, people reverted to their previous behaviours often within three to six months.

Jeremy Grantham, founder and Long-Term Investment Strategist at GMO, talks to Chris Ralph, Chief Global Strategist at St. James's Place, about emerging market value, widening inequality, and oil's fading prominence.

Dan O'Keefe of Artisan Partners , managers of the St.James’s Place Global and Global Managed funds updates us on the positioning of his fund and outlook. March 2020

The market today loves companies that seem to promise steady, reliable growth, says Dan O’Keefe. He’s open to ideas that might be just a bit more complicated.

Investors usually make one of two mistakes; they either overreact or underreact to news.

Equity and credit markets have experienced a round-trip trade over 4Q18 and 1Q19.

The secret lies in the role of the government and the Chinese mindset. With or without a trade deal, there is trade in China.

There are now over one thousand cryptocurrencies and barely a day goes by without another headline.

The Sustainable & Responsible Equity fund, managed by the Global Opportunities team at London-based investment firm Impax Asset Management, is focused on the long-term growth opportunity arising from the transition to a more sustainable economy.